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Week 45

Bag Leopard Lover

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Week 42
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Beret Wildlife

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Produits Pre-order

What are pre-order products?

Pre-order products are products that are currently out of stock at our webshop, but which we already ordered and are on their way to our warehouse. A pre-order is an order you can make for these items before it is in stock and available for delivery. From pre-order to delivery it will take about one month (average), before the stock is in our warehouse and we can send your order.

How does it work?

It’s really easy! You select the jewelry and/or accessories you want to pre-order and place them in your shopping cart. Note, the minimum purchase amount (just like a normal order) is € 50,- (excluding VAT). Besides that, pre-order products and in-stock products cannot be placed together in one order. Only pre-order products can be added.

Each pre-order product has an expected delivery week, this is the week we expect to receive the products at our warehouse*. After we have received the products we will send them to you immediately. You will be notified by e-mail when the package has been sent. Only the products with the same expected delivery week can be combined in one pre-order. This means that pre-order products with a different expected delivery week can not be combined in one order.

And then? 

Did you place your pre-order and are your pre-order products back in stock? Then you will automatically get an e-mail (with a track and trace code), which shows your package is on its way. Next thing you know, you have your desirable pre-order products in stock!

* It may happen the delivery arrives a little later than expected. In that case we will try to inform you in time about the new delivery date.

  • 100% sans nickel
  • Selon les dernières tendances
  • Places votre commande avant 15h00, vous recevrez un délai de deux jours ouvrables (Europe)
  • Paiement sécurisé et facile avec iDeal, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Mistercash, SOFORTbanking ou Giropay
  • Remises sur quantite:

    Une remise de 10% pour un achat de 200 euros

    Une remise de 15% pour un achat de 400 euros

    Une remise de 17.5% pour un achat de 600 euros

    Une remise de 20% pour un achat de 800 euros

    Une remise de 21% pour un achat de 1500 euros

    Une remise de 22% pour un achat de 3000 euros

    Une remise de 23% pour un achat de 5000 euros

    Une remise de 24% pour un achat de 10000 euros

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